What is the time? There’s no time

Song of the day: “gotta go my own way” by Vanessa Hudgens.


In this day and age, everything is in fast forward, we rush through life, rush through schooling, rush through work and rush through relationships.

We take the saying “what you have to do, do quick”, do much to heart that we are also quick in procrastination also.

It is good to be time conscious, not to waste time but we are too rigid with time management so much so that we don’t give time to what matters most; ourselves, family, friends and love.

Our lives have been reduced to schedules;

  • Time to wake
  • Time to bathe
  • Time for class/work
  • Time for doctor’s appointment
  • Time for dinners at a favorite diner
  • Time for late night reading
  • Time for sleep

Important aspects of life have been removed from our lives

  • Catching up with family
  • Connecting with people casually (friends, dates, some people never actually meet coworkers in a non formal environment)
  • Creating special memories

We have goals to accomplish, but if those goals take away the place of living life, they should be reassessed. So we won’t be people described in this “Ki and Ka” movie, their entire lives sectioned into:

  • Having goals
  • Chasing the goals
  • Achieving the goals
  • Move on to other goals
  • Neglect relationships
  • Getting old too fast
  • Getting stress related illness
  • Then finally saying, “thank God I can afford to pay for treatment.”

That is not a good way to go through life. Why not let us try to live life this way:

  • Have goals
  • Include your family and relationships in the planning and chasing of the goals
  • Give time for yourself, rest, have fun, with your sight still on the goal
  • Achieves this goals while surrounded with love
  • Spend more time with yourself, family and relationships even with further advancement.

In this way, you don’t miss out on life while chasing your goals and you get to achieve them feeling fulfilled in other areas too.



  1. That’s the best way to live our life’s but when we are too conscious of succeeding in our field other than succeeding with our loved once them we tend to miss it.
    I pray that God will help us all.

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